Former Energy Minister Boakye Agyarko says the smooth attainment of the NPP’s objective to break the 8 would only be possible if the concerns of the grassroots are addressed.

In his view, there are hindrances and bumps on the road which could derail the party’s aim if ignored.

“The mission or the objective is to break the 8. So what we have to do is to listen to the grassroots and see what our hindrances are to breaking the 8 and correct them.

“In fact, the objective in such a conference is to help us understand what limitations there are or what potholes there are in our path,” he said on October 4.

Mr Agyarko admits there is no perfect organisation; however, introspection, reviews and open discussions will “allow issues to bubble to the surface and the managers of the political systems to correct those mistakes, correct that unhappiness, correct those bubbles so that the main objective in breaking the 8 can be achieved”.

He added that “if we don’t do that and the bubbles remain hidden, and the disaffection remains under the carpet”.

The one-time campaign manager of the party is confident that if the leadership of the NPP listens to the concerns of the grassroots, legitimate or illegitimate, it would pave a smoother way for the realization of its objectives.

“People’s disaffection and neglect are all bumps on the road, and we as a party have to listen. We are to bend our ears to the grassroots; at the end of the day, they are the party.

“Once we bend our ears and listen to their concerns and what the issues are, legitimate or illegitimate, and address them, it paves a smoother way for the attainment of our objectives. So it’s important we listen and make the party feel welcomed and embrace and respect,” he added.

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