The Queen Craft vocational training institute as part of its 20th anniversary has donated a deep freezer, 30 bags of sachet water, three ice coolers and an amount of 500 Ghana cedis to a disabled couple in Agona Ahanta.

The donation comes after a Joy News documentary which revealed the plight of the physically challenged couple.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the institute, Grace Anthony, hoped the gesture will serve as startup capital for the woman.

She said “when we watched the video, we were very touched. We see a lot of disabled people on the streets begging for arms however, this couple though disabled, work and do not beg.

“So we just thought to ourselves that they needed a little push to make life better for them,” the CEO of the institute recounted.

Donation agona

The CEO also advised, “there is no excuse, there is no reason to sit home doing nothing, if this couple can do it, then you have no excuse”.

‘AS IF IT IS’, a Facebook platform that helps the needy has also donated GHS 11, 000 to the couple.

The founder of the platform, Peter Kelly Nketsiah said although the money would not solve all their problems, it will at least put a smile on their faces.

“I know GHS 11, 000 is not too much but it is something little to support their life. They are as equal as us though it is unfortunate that they cannot do as much as we can,” he said.

Donation agona

The couple expressed their gratitude to the donors and prayed for God to bless the donors.