A student of Koforidua Technical University (KTU) and his girlfriend have been remanded in police custody for brandishing a gun on social media and peddling drugs.

Samuel Oduro Amoah, alias Tattoo Guy, 23, and Sakina Abubakar, 25, a hairdresser, were put before a Koforidua Circuit court after they were arrested at their residence in Monrovia, a suburb of Koforidua.

The Eastern Regional Police Command, on November 2, last year, intercepted pictures and videos on social media of Samuel Oduro Amoah brandishing a weapon in public without authority.

This, the law enforcement agency said, caused fear and panic among the public.

The Police conducted investigations until they apprehended him in his rented room.

When the Regional Police Intelligent team smoked him out, it was established that the suspect peddled narcotics.

The suspects, on December, 30 were overpowered by a team of four armed police officers led by ASP Martin Bawuah Dokyi who besieged their residence after resisting arrest for over an hour.

In the course of the arrest, his girlfriend attempted to dispose of some substance in a transparent polythene bag through the back window but retreated after she saw one of the police officers close to the window.

The Police searched the room and retrieved a black MingXing Plastic pistol with registration No.P998 and the transparent polythene bag containing dried plant leaves suspected to be Marijuana, two cigarette lighters, and a matchbox.

The search was conducted in the presence of one of the tenants, a witness in the case.

The suspects were remanded after the Prosecutor, Chief Inspector Owusu Ababio Kejeer, prayed the court to allow the police further look into the case.

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