'Encore, do you want more': Uncle Ebo Whyte goes live with counseling tips

'Encore, do you want more': Uncle Ebo Whyte goes live with counseling tips
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Date: 10-11-2017 Time: 04:11:00:pm

Uncle Ebo Whyte's success with plays on stage has sort of opened a Pandora's Box.

Give and it will come back to you. Good measure, pressed down running over. So after giving Ghanaians so many plays, riveting books, to a good measure of young people, they have pressed it down and running all over looking for more questions, more answers and more Uncle Ebo Whyte.

How do you deal with hundreds and hundreds of young people who want answers, dealing with dilemmas and craving some counselling?

How do you make time for the people who make time to watch your plays and hear you on radio?.

Enter technology. The team at Roverman Productions have found a way to ensure you don't roam about to find the iconic playwright.

Find him live on facebook, twitter and youtube - every Friday, for one hour of wit and wisdom from a man humble enough to admit that his marriage of 35 years is still work in progress.


The facebook live sessions  is called Encore - French for again, a stark concession that Ebo Whyte must come again and again.

And he has. There has been 34 episodes so far and so on the 34th, an opportunity to watch the production of this live show came up.

Surrendered by bundles of energy, an enthusiastic team of 10, Uncle Ebo Whyte was locked down in front of cameras and lights to do what he does best.

The session is a 15 minutes presentation on relationship issues and then 45 minutes of questions sent directly from listeners worldwide. There was some from UK and a shout-out from US.

He talked about why monotony is a killer in relationships and warned that when a wife gets used to one way of everything, even sex, she does what Uncle Ebo Whyte called 'crucify me'. You lie on your back nonchalantly and unexcitedly to allow the man to just 'do what he wants'

And he told a man whose partner loves his potbelly not to fall for it. Lose the belly.

Someone, King Solomon, asked if its okay to plant a kiss. Ever-thinking on his feet, Uncle Ebo Whyte retorted ' Solomon, you are the king, you know the answer'.

And we burst into laughter.

But even after 45 minutes of answering questions, the Roverman Production team had 150 left-over questions to contend with.

Disappointment flashed across Uncle Ebo Whyte's face at this news. He was stuck, standing and contemplating quickly with a sense of an unmet expectation even after answering tonnes of questions.

But that is why the live session is called Encore. He will be back again next Friday.

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