'Stress causing drug abuse among youth'

'Stress causing drug abuse among youth'
Source: Ghana| Myjoyonline.com | Nasiba Yakubu
Date: 09-10-2018 Time: 03:10:08:pm

The Executive Director of Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital has attributed an increase in drug abuse among the youth on stress.

According to Kwadwo Marfo Obeng, the nature of today's world of work makes high demands on parents and this, coupled with the urban practice of moving children from one school to the other, puts a strain on them.

He said because the demands of work limit family engagement between parents and their children, the children become vulnerable to drug abuse.

“Our current social structures are extremely unhealthy for children as parents and children do not communicate well,” he stressed.

Mr. Kwadwo Marfo stated that many families especially urban families are missing the interaction with their families and are unaware when their children are involved in drug abuse.

“Many people come to the hospital with addiction problem and parents are often surprised how long their children have been using drugs,” he added.

The Narcotics Control Board (NACOB) has indicated abuse of drugs such as cocaine, heroin, cannabis and alcohol have increased in the country.

Available statistics from the Accra and Pantang Psychiatric hospitals have shown that the number of youths within the age group 15 to ­20 years involved in the abuse of drugs kept increasing from 2003 to 2010.

Also, 50,000 people in Ghana, particularly the youth are in drug abuse according to NACOB.

According to NACOB, 35,000 were students from junior/senior high schools and tertiary institution aged between 12 and 35 years.

Mr Kwadwo Marfo blamed the rising numbers in drug abuse cases on little interactions parents and their children have.