Menaye Donkor Muntari

Wife of former Black Stars player Sulley Muntari, Menaye Donkor, has shared how her husband deals with women who chase after him.

According to the businesswoman and philanthropist, it’s normal for women to hit on her husband because of his status, but for his peace of mind, he ensures there are no “issues”.

Speaking to Joy FM’s Lexis Bill on Personality Profile on Thursday, she was asked if she has had any issues with women in her husband’s life as a famous footballer.

“Yeah, it’s normal! When you first start dating, there’s some kind of jealousy that streaks you and it’s normal. It’s no issues but you get jealous sometimes when the girls are after him.

“But, he’s a gentleman, he ensures that there aren’t issues because he wants to have his peace of mind and you seriously don’t want to have an issue with Menaye,” she said.

The former beauty queen and one time AC Milan midfielder dated for four years before deciding to take their nuptials in December 2010.

The mother of two advised individuals who are yet to get married to work at being self-reliant especially for their happiness.

 “You have to find what makes you happy; never depend on a man for your happiness. You need to create that on your own.

“A lot of times when people get into marriage think; oh, I’m going to get married to this man and my life is going to be perfect afterwards. But you can’t let a man validate you.

The organiser of the Miss World contest said young ladies need to find their own identity.

“That doesn’t put pressure on the man and makes your relationship work better because you are your own being. He just adds to whoever you are and whatever that you do,” she added.