The Majority in Parliament has served notice it is determined to push through the approval of the 993 million-dollar loan facility for the construction of the Pwalugu Dam Power Project.

Speaker Prof Mike Oquaye deferred the approval of the loan following accusations by the Minority that the project has been inflated, vowing to oppose the deal.

The Speaker, however, asked leadership to reach a consensus before its approval. First Deputy Majority Whip, Mathew Nyindam, says the government has made a strong case for the approval of the loan.

He told Evans Mensah on a JoyNews programme PM Express, that it would not be out of place to take a second look at the deal if it was problematic.

But he was convinced that, as it stands, “nothing has changed my mind yet. As for their simple pitching one dam against the other, that cannot convince me.”

Mr Nyindam believes the potential saving of lives and property, improved irrigation for farms among other benefits are enough justification to see the erection of the Pwalugu dam.

Meanwhile, members of the Minority who are alleging they are to receive the contractual agreement for a thorough examination insist, the project defies economic sense.

A member of the Energy and Mines Committee, Kwabena Donkoh, said until thorough perusal of the document, the Minority will block any attempt by government to push through with the deal.

According to the Pru East MP, the agreement does not make economic sense.

“Government has openly stated that we have excess power. That same government, in doing a power project will have to take that context into account. Therefore, if you are going to generate 60mW maximum installed capacity at $366 million, we are not getting value for money,” he said.