A 33-year-old woman who survived multiple gunshots from her husband on suspicion of cheating on him is seeking help after her in-laws outlawed her for refusing to settle the case out of court.

Akua Sarfowaa sustained gunshot wounds on her buttocks, breasts, and arms leading to the amputation of her right arm after a brawl with her husband.

On December 6, 2019, Simon Krampah, 34, is reported to have had an argument with the victim and accused her of having cheated on him. He followed the accusation with threats to kill her.

Afraid for her life, Akua, who has 6 children with the accused, says she fled into the bush with her husband chasing after her with a gun.

He eventually caught up to her and shooting her multiples times and left her for dead.

Like a game in the bush, she narrates how her husband shot at her leaving her unconscious.

However, her son later ran to the scene and to meet his mother lying unconscious in the bush where his father had left her.

Simon was subsequently arrested after the incident in December last year and has since been remanded in police custody.

The Formena police confirmed the incident and according to Superintendent Fii Okyere, the family of the suspect wanted the case to be settled out of court but he refused.

He says the suspect was then arraigned before the Obuasi Circuit Court last year and remanded and has since been with the police.

Grandfather of the victim Nana Ofori Agyeman has accused the family of the suspect of abandoning the victim and her children after she refused to drop charges.

Although the young lady, escaped death, she has been permanently maimed by the incident and cannot fend for her family any longer.