A Kasoa-based spiritualist has revealed that a number of young men between the ages of 15 and 25 contact him on how to get rich quick and to help win the hearts of women.

The spiritualist’s revelation comes on the heels of the arrest of two teenagers Felix Nyarko, 16, and Nicholas Kiki, 18, who allegedly killed a 10-year-old boy, Ishmael Mensah Abdallah with the intent to use his body parts for ritual.

According to Sheikh Ibrahim Yaa Latif, his teachings are purely based on the Qu’ran, therefore, he believes that killing a person is a great sin.

“I will not speak for all spiritualist but I will speak for myself, I am a Muslim, I pray five times a day, I fast during Ramadan like I am doing now, killing a human being is a great sin.”

Speaking with Joy News’ Maxwell Agbagba, Sheikh Ibrahim Yaa Latif said he always turns away the youth and rather advise them to focus on their education if he ascertains that they are students.

“The first advise that I give them is do you go to school?  If they say yes and I say concentrate on your schooling. Things that people do to get rich is not an adventure for you small boys. I just sack them,” he stated.

The Kasoa-based spiritualist added that he doesn’t know where those young guys get such ideas from.

“Some of them because of the movies that they watch, young boys they want to try everything that they see, everything that they hear they want to try it and see so sometimes if those kind of boys are coming and you are not experience in this work, you will end up putting yourself into trouble,” he said.

The Municipal Chief Executive of the Awutu Senya East, Michael Mensah says the Municipal Security Council is determined to clamp down on fraudulent spiritualist and traditional priest.

Meanwhile, the 2020 Vice-Presidential Candidate of the NDC, Professor Naana Jane Opoku Agyemang has said that the killing of the 10-year-old boy demands a national soul searching and an honest enquiry into the direction of the country.

She visited family members of the deceased on Tuesday and presented an amount of ¢10,000 on behalf of the NDC and 2020 Presidential candidate John Mahama.