McDan Aviation is launching its private jet charter services, complete with an exclusive terminal, on January 28th, 2022 at Terminal One, Kotoka International Airport, at 5 pm.

As privacy and safety become increasingly important for global travellers due to the Covid-19 pandemic, McDan Aviation recognises the need to provide private jet services to help commuters minimise touchpoints, avoid busy terminals and glide through security hassle-free.

CEO and Chairman of McDan Group, Dr Daniel McKorley said “We’re going to deliver comfort and convenience to our clients and serve them with the highest levels of operational expertise and personable customer service.”

“Our special services will offer customers a wonderful, best-in-class transportation experience.”

First of its kind in the sub-region, McDan Aviation’s private jet services will cater to high-end clientele with a sense of optimising luxury, and for corporate executives seeking to leverage quick and efficient commute for the purpose of business.

Some special services that customers will enjoy include;

  • Separate entrance and guarded parking place provide the maximum comfort, safety and
  • Executive Protection and Escorting.
  • Customs and passport checkpoints equipped with the newest equipment and operated
    accurately and promptly.
  • Duty-free shop.
  • Cosy lounge and waiting rooms; where guests can relax and enjoy the snacks and coffee,
    or read the latest news.
  • Private rooms for VVIP clients,
  • Comfort Maybach cars for passengers’ transportation on the apron.

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