Telecommunications operator Vodaphone says it is unaware of a directive requiring mobile phone companies to print all their scratch cards or airtime vouchers locally.

The directive was first issued in June last year in an initiative government says would boost business opportunities for local printing companies and lead to the creation of more jobs.

It however appears only one of the five functioning operators has complied more than eight months after the first directive, forcing government to follow-up with a thirty-day ultimatum.

Communications Minister Haruna Iddrissu tells Joy Business failure to comply will attract sanctions.

“Surprisingly some of them are still importing the scratch cards from abroad…This is something that can be manufactured and produced in Ghana,” he told Joy Business’ Israel Laryea.

Mr Iddrissu said although the order is not “a legal directive,” government expects the companies to comply so as to help build the capacities of local industries.

Chief Executive of Vodafone, David Venn, however tells Joy Business the company has never been aware of the directive.

According to him, Vodafone has “localization policy” that suggests that it secures some of its content from the local market.

However, Zain Ghana says it should be in full compliance by next week.

Head of Communications at Zain, Carmen Bruce-Annan, said the company had been printing some of its scratch cards locally even prior to the directive.

Source: Joy Business/