Not-for-profit organization, Mooley Bi Foundation, in partnership with The Multimedia Group, have put smiles on faces of inmates across various police cells in the Greater Accra Region as part of the Easter festivities.

In all, over 2000 packs of meals and drinks were distributed to 50 divisional police stations in the capital city, Accra.

Obed Nii Ayi Solomon, the founder of the Mooley Bi Foundation, who lost his mother to breast cancer has made a life-long calling to provide for the needy and also support persons living with breast cancer.

“This donation to the various prison cells is part of many interventions being carried out by the Mooley Foundation to help the sick and needy in these uncertain times of the coronavirus.

“Our focus on the inmates is strategic as they are locked away from society for one suspected offence or the other,” he told Joy News.

The first stop was the Dansoman Divisional Police Station were packs were distributed to some 26 inmates.

Also, over 50 packs of lunch made it to the Mamprobi Divisional Police Station.

Director of Mamprobi district, Superintendent Cephas Arthur did not only thank The Multimedia Group and Mooley Bi Foundation for their kind gesture but also entreated other bodies to do the same.

“Now is the time for the corporate world to come together in helping the needy who for one reason or the other may not be able to fend for themselves. This even goes a long way to reduce crime,” he stated.

The Borstal Institute at Roman Ridge in Accra is home to hundreds of child offenders who are distanced from their families amid the coronavirus and Easter festivities.

Donations to the institution mean everything to the inmates and management as they get a sense society still thinks about them.

The Easter Festivities have always been a time of giving and get together but as the coronavirus has disrupted the normal way of life, the vulnerable, underprivileged are more exposed to mercies of the pandemic.

With such donations, memories are made and smiles are left on the faces of the deprived like the inmates who were feted.