Newly elected president of the Africa Paralympic Committee (APC) Samson Deen, says his big win at the APC General Assembly in Rabat, will be a big boost for Para sports in the country.  

Samson Deen was speaking after he was gracefully received by Ghana Olympic Committee President Ben Nunoo Mensah, Ghana Athletics CEO Bawa Fuseni and Deputy Director of the National Sports Authority Majeed Bawa, on his arrival at the Kotoka International Airport.

The new APC President indicated that he intends to use his role to fulfill the country’s, as well as continent’s para sports plans.

“Becoming president is a big win for Ghana Para Sports and sports in general. I’m grateful for the support all though this journey. It’s my promise to push the Ghana Para sports agenda and that of the continent in a bid to properly position the sport for our benefit,” He said. 

Para sports in the country over the years has failed to get the desired attention from corporate Ghana and it has sometimes starved of recognition from media. Samson believes the narrative will change.

“I believe the spot light will enhance our relationships with all relevant stakeholders and very I’m very optimistic about the next four years ” Samson added.

The Ghana National Paralympic Boss sold a message of unique leadership to beat the Morrocan Parlympic head, Hamid El Aouni to snatch the biggest seat on the continent. 

Deen takes over from Angolan, Leonel da Rocha Pinto who had been at the helm of the continent’s governing body for 13 years.

Ghana is aiming to become the first country to host the African Games alongside an African Para Games in 2023 and Deen’s election is viewed as a huge boost to achieving that.

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