President Akufo Addo says his proactiveness in responding to concerns of labour averted a lot of industrial actions by workers in the last four years. 

According to him, election year has always presented labourers the golden opportunity to get the government to address their demands but this year has seen minimal unrest. 

At a meeting with members of the Civil and Local Government Staff Association of Ghana, (CLOGSAG), President Akufo Addo promised workers better times next year adding the sound economic pillars laid by the government will bear fruit.

“We have a lot of work to do ahead of us in the country. If we want a good style of living we are all going to have to work for it from all sides, government, industry, private sector, organised labour,” he said.

The President added that the collaboration will create an atmosphere of coordination and cordiality while the government works to ensure there is equity, competitiveness and productivity.

“I think in these four years, we have seen less labour agitation in Ghana and the reason for it is the very proactive position I was determined to take with anything having to do with labour issues, not just to wait for them to ferment,” he added.

Also addressing the people’s concerns on elections, President Akufo-Addo said his government will see to it that there is a free and fair election on December 7. 

He stated that his government have no interest in using devious means to usurp power.

“My whole life has been dedicated to fighting for democracy in Ghana and I understand democracy to mean giving people a fair opportunity to decide for themselves, who they want to rule.”

“So, the idea that my government or myself would be interested in setting up a situation where the Ghanaians will be intimidated is abhorred,” he stated.

President Akufo-Addo said that he has had assurance from the leaders of the security services to ensure that people vote in peace and security.