Former Central Regional Chairman of the National Democratic Congress, Bernard Allotey Jacobs, has been cursed by some women belonging to the party in the Region for what they describe as a betrayal of the NDC.

According to the women, their Mr Jacobs has been nothing but a traitor who has sold out to the NPP.

At a news conference in Cape Coast, the women invoked curses on him using schnapps and crocodile eggs and later used brooms symbolically to sweep him off the party.

Spokesperson for the women, Ekua Hallam, who led the news conference warned Mr. Jacobs to stay away from the NDC and also refrain from disrespecting the party’s leader, John Mahama.

A branch women’s organizer in the party, Ekua Hallam indicated the symbolic sweeping of the footprints of Allotey Jacobs from the party signifies his exit.

She accused him of being ungrateful to the NDC and the former President John Mahama. To them, Mr. Jacobs is like an ungrateful individual who has enriched himself using the party but now has the effrontery to bite the hand that fed him.

“Should Allotey stand anywhere to speak ill about the NDC, these curses we are invoking would apply. We knew him when he was a nobody. It’s the same party he’s dissing today that has made him who he is. He shouldn’t behave like a camel that starts misbehaving after filling its belly,” she stated.

The women praised the party leadership for expelling him adding that it had been long overdue.

“We are indeed delighted that at least, he’s been sacked. We thank Chairman Ofosu Ampofo and the General Secretary, Johnson Asiedu Nketsiah for dismissing Allotey,” she said.

They faulted him of praising and supporting every action of the NPP while condemning that of the NDC, a move they say speaks ill of a former regional party chairman.

The women are fully convinced Allotey Jacobs is responsible for the party’s dwindling fortunes in the region, saying he won only three seats when he was the chairman of the party in the region.