Flagbearer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Dramani Mahama says his party is ready to save the country from what he believes is the haphazard rule of the Akufo-Addo administration.

In his speech at the launch of the NDC manifesto, themed ‘The People’s Manifesto,’ on Monday, Mr Mahama said the Akufo-Addo government is leading the country astray.

Therefore, should the NDC win the 2020 general elections, it would sanitise the system to provide equal opportunities and amenities for all citizens.

“It is critical that we rescue Ghana from the abyss to which it is sinking. We must prepare Ghana to cope with the current challenges posed by the pandemic, we must open new horizons and new hopes to instill a new purpose of our people.

“Catching up with what we have missed while taking steps to enhance our growth. We must place Ghana in sync with the new development happening around the globe in order that we prepare our economy to be an advanced one. And to achieve this we must build a knowledge-based economy to and move faster into the new world of smart manufacturing and digital services,” he said.

The flagbearer, in his list of promises, said the next NDC administration will invest and revamp local businesses.

According to him, focusing on Ghanaian businesses will help local businesses thrive, hence, growing the economy in the process.

“This will provide not only growth but prosperity for all Ghanaians. We will create not only jobs but sustainable and decent jobs so that people can live prosperous and dignified life,” he stressed.

Mr Mahama also said equal opportunities will be provided for all citizens regardless of their political affiliations.

Calling for change, he said, “Ghana cannot afford to do things the old way. Survival and success for today and the future generation require a much more urgent and in many cases substantial change to prevailing essential relations.”

“Ghana needs a new era of social justice. It is time for renewal and coming together. It is time for greater self-reliance. It is time to close the wealth gap that divides us in the society and greater equality amongst the people. It is time to end intolerance and social discrimination against ethnic, religious, gender and age groups. And the time is now!”