Video: The Multimedia Group: The people who have never lost their praise

Video: The Multimedia Group: The people who have never lost their praise
Source: Ghana||Edwin Appiah|
Date: 12-01-2018 Time: 07:01:01:pm

The staff of the Multimedia Group Ltd made their way to the Victory Bible Church Kokomlemle in Accra, in what has become a yearly pilgrimage to one of the company's spiritual home.

The company's many clients who have helped build this powerful brand were well represented.

This is the 2018 thanksgiving service. It is a routine the staff and clients won't get tired of much the same way cars can't grow weary of a washing bay.

MGL Thanksgiving 2018

The staff was one man short - KABA. But we were still one God full and praise definitely looks good on Him.

The Multimedia Choir, fresh from their Adom Praiz exploits, was seized with songs and singing as their second career even if it never took off.

The finely-chiseled ladies in the choir helped to keep some eyes fixed on beauty even if they struggled to keep their eyes fixed on God.

MGL Thanksgiving 2018

The time for praises tied in perfectly with the African penchant for jumping and dancing.

The movement of Kwasi Twum, the Group's CEO was severely hampered by age and an irredeemable generational gap.

Of course, Nigerian gospel was the staple for praise and worship leaders. But Joe Mettle remained an unignorable constant at events like this. 

MGL Thanksgiving 2018

MGL Thanksgiving 2018

The poster boy of Ghana gospel and his hit song 'turning around for my good' did what it was supposed to do - turn people around in their seats.

Catholic statues like Joy FM presenter Raymond Acquah took time to respond to the charismatic energy flowing around the auditorium.

When it was time for worship, CEO Kwasi Twum was the first to hit the ground like his knees were born for this. 

He would be the first to fully understand what it takes to pay close to 700 employees every month without fail. For him, it takes the privileges of Christ's resurrection to avoid a workers' insurrection over pay cuts and pay delays.

And so in throwing corporate manners to the dogs, he bowed to God.

What else can we say about Bishop James Saah? Every year he would preach about thanksgiving and it never seizes to be fresh.

He went around picking out the many silly complaints of ingrates that men often are. Men who can't say thank you to their wives for cooking and women who labour in prayer for husbands only to relax in bed and bell out instructions to their husbands.

He exposed our chronic trait of taking everything for granted and told a story of how his son - a child he got after nine years of marriage - nearly died in a motor accident.

His son was in the front seat of a Corolla which collided head-on with a truck carrying 200 bags of rice. It was the truck that rather overturned. And his son was in serious condition at the hospital.

Bishop James Saah recalled his miserable emotional state. Was one child after nine years of marriage about to be taken away from him?

MGL Thanksgiving 2018

His wife was in the kitchen when the news broke. She arrived at the hospital still carrying her kitchen knife in a testament to the panic fueled by tremendous adrenaline.

By now half of the staff were on their feet and marvelled at the feat God pulled off in saving the Bishop's son. 

The Chief Executive Officer of leading advertising company, Innova DDB, and an icon in the advertising business, Mr Joel Nettey was also present. He would know the deep value of thanksgiving and his whole being was locked unto Bishop Saah's message.

MGL Thanksgiving 2018 more

He spoke about how Hannah ridiculed by her rivals gave one son to God and got five other children later while her rival who made sports out of her sorrows remained at two children in an era where many children was money - well almost money.

Life would be so much easier if we cultivate a custom of thanksgiving, the Bishop said. 

MGL Thanksgiving 2018

If we realise that it could have been a funeral, not a wedding. It could have been a sack, not another salary. It could have been clutches, not legs. It could have been a coffin, not a car.

It could have been but it was not and the could-have-been (s) is down to God who is faithful. 

MGL Thanksgiving 2018 more

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MGL Thanksgiving 2018 more

MGL Thanksgiving 2018 more

MGL Thanksgiving 2018

2018 MGL Thanksgiving

MGL Thanksgiving 2018 more

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