NGO supports literacy with 2-unit library for Mafi Seva Basic School

NGO supports literacy with 2-unit library for Mafi Seva Basic School
Source: Ghana | | Abubakar Ibrahim
Date: 10-10-2019 Time: 08:10:35:pm

ADANU, an NGO operating in the Volta region has built a two-unit library facility for the Mafi Seva Basic School in the Mafi Zongo Electoral Area of the Central Tongu District. 

This is to provide access to education and improving literacy in schools especially those in the rural areas. 

The facility was provided at the request of the Julius Karl D. Fieve, the Assembly Member for the area in collaboration with the chief, elders and people of the Mafi Seva Community.

It took over two years for the organisation to assess the community to measure their preparedness to make a long-term commitment to the project.

While ADANU provided guidance and funding for most materials, the community provided free labour, water and gravel in constructing the facility.

Adanu supports Mafi Zongo

Earlier, ADANU also built urinals and other facilities for the use by the pupils of the school.

The community earlier in February 2019 played host to over 30 ADANU volunteers from the United States of America, United Kingdom and other countries.

These volunteers were very much instrumental in the commencement of the project, which started and took less than six months to complete.

Speaking on behalf of ADANU, Mypa Buckner, the Director of Operations, underscored the role of the organisation in promoting quality education in Ghana.

He said, “We work alongside rural, underdeveloped Ghana communities to create and establish sustainable solutions for education and equal opportunities for all people regardless of gender, age or economic status. ADANU’s mission is to ignite the passion of Ghanaian communities to bring about a future filled with opportunity and hope”.

He added that ADANU’s model and expectations were clearly communicated to the Mafi Seva community and were glad the leadership and people of the community understood the model and drove the project to a fast completion.

Adanu supports Mafi Zongo

Mr Buckner said ADANU pitched camp with Mafi Seva and the Mafi Zongo Electoral Electoral because of the communities immense sense of commitment to collective work for their common good.

“This love draws us much closer to you in terms of developmental projects and may it never ends”, Mr Mypa stressed.

He appealed to the staff of the school, the students and the community to own the project and make good use of it.

In a message read on his behalf, Mr D. Fieve underscored the need for the project.

He said “for the past four years my outfit has worked collaboratively with several partners to ensure the development of our communities. It is one of those partnerships that we are witnessing today.

“This project I believe would ensure effective teaching and learning and improve the quality of education not only in Mafi Seva but the Mafi Zongo Electoral Area, the Central Tongu District, Volta Region and Ghana as a whole.

Mr Fieve said, “Infrastructure is an essential part of the social development of rural communities such as ours since it undoubtedly provides the foundation for development and innovations. We would, therefore, continue to seek more partners to provide the infrastructure needs of our communities”.

Adanu supports Mafi Zongo

He expressed his heartfelt gratitude and that to the Chiefs and people of Mafi Seva and ADANU and their Volunteers for funding the project. 

The Assemblyman also thanked Alex Gabby Hotordze, the MP for the area; Thomas Moore Zonyrah, the District Chief Executive and the Ghana Education Service for their role in making the project a success.

He further pledged the resolve of his outfit and the communities to put the facility to good use and ensure the school children make the best out of the facility for a sustainable and prosperous future.

Togbe Owusu Gadzo II, the Chief of Akoto Clan of Mafi was so much of praise to ADANU for their immense contribution for developmental projects in the Central Tongu District.

The Headmaster of the school, Richard Benjamin Agordo, appealed to government, individuals, organisations and philanthropies to assist the community in completing a three-unit kindergarten facility that the community started about four years ago.

He pledged the support of the community in assisting possible partners in completing the facility.

The Member of Parliament for the Central Tongu District, Alex Gabby Hotordze admonished parents and teachers to support their kids to develop the habit of reading and learning.

He urged the community to sustain their spirit of volunteerism, communalism and take responsibility for the sustainability of the library.

The Director of the Ghana Education Service (GES), Henry Hevi appealed to ADANU for more of such projects in the District.