Chereponi ethnic violence: Death toll now four

Chereponi ethnic violence: Death toll now four
Source: Ghana|
Date: 06-01-2019 Time: 10:01:55:am

Police have confirmed the death toll in ethnic violence in the Chereponi district of the Northern region is now four.

Details of the identities of the deceased are yet to be confirmed.

Konkombas, a majority ethnic group in the district and Chokosis, a minority group have engaged in violence since the New Year.

Chereponi has had a checkered history of violence triggered by a fundamental disagreement over issues of land and political representation.

There has been bloody clashes between Konkomba, Nanumba and their Dagomba allies.

Map of Northern region

But in the latest episode of violence, it is between KonKombas and Chokosis.

A Chokosis man was shot dead allegedly by a Konkomba. His body was deposited a a morgue in Mango, a town in neighbouring Togo.

A security source has told, Konkomba assailants have burnt down 10 villages while Chokosis have destroyed five.

Security agencies are yet to release information on the extent of the damage beyond reports that in total, at least 150 mud houses have been torched.

There is a 4pm to 7am curfew in Chereponi but it has not stopped residents fleeing into Togo although it has brought an uneasy calm in the area.

Northern Regional Security Council has indicated it will engage with feuding factions in Chereponi.