Kenya airport cleaners ‘fired’ and left stranded

A video of Kenyan airport cleaners who were allegedly fired on Tuesday night has caused anger online.

The workers said they had reported for their night shift at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in the capital, Nairobi, but after about four hours were asked to surrender their security passes before being kicked out of the building.

They said no explanation was given for their dismissal and were just told to return home.

But as it was past curfew, which has been imposed as part of coronavirus restrictions, they had to spend the night out in the cold.

The cleaners, who said they are employed by the Colnet cleaning company, have asked the government to intervene.

The BBC has asked Colnet for comment and the firm said it would reply later in the day.

In a video shared on Twitter one of the cleaners explained how she would be unable to fend for her children:

Another tweeter shared photos of the cleaners sleeping out in the cold:

At the moment only cargo flights are permitted to land at JKIA, a major transport hub in the region, because of restrictions imposed to stop the spread of Coronavirus.