Church services by Christians are among the social gathering activities banned by the government.

Religious Affairs Minister Kofi Dzamesi has directed churches and mosques across the country to establish holding centres on their premises.

According to him, this will help isolate individuals suspected to be infected with COVID-19 whilst steps are taken to convene the sick to a health facility for treatment.

Mr Dzamesi gave these directives at a press conference where he presented guidelines for the safe operation of religious institutions as the government eases restrictions.

“Designate a holding room or area where a person who becomes sick at the premises or at an event can be isolated from others whilst making arrangements for evacuation” he said.

The Religious Affairs Minister also asked churches and mosques to disinfect and fumigate their premises for at least once every month whilst providing cleaners with the necessary personal protective equipment and necessary cleaning items to carry out their job.

In his 10th address to the nation on measures instituted to fight Covid-19 pandemic, President Akufo-Addo eased restrictions placed on churches and mosques effective June 5, 2020. 

He also directed these institutions may reopen to only 100 congregants for an hour per session.

In ensuring successful implementation of the President’s directive, Mr Kofi Dzamesi urged the various religious institutions to form COVID-19 task force comprising health workers to help in promotion and management of cases.

He also advised elderly persons especially with underlying medical conditions be discouraged from attending service.

Crowd dancing and waving of handkerchiefs during church services are also prohibited.