The Chief Justice nominee, Justice Kwasi Anin-Yeboah, has said corruption accusations against the Judiciary have been exaggerated.

“Corruption in the judiciary has been exaggerated,” he stated Friday, December 23, while he was being vetted by members of the Appointments Committee of Parliament.

His comment was in response to a query by Member of Parliament for the Bimbilla constituency, Dominic Nitiwul, on steps he will take to ensure the perception of corruption in the Judiciary is wiped out from people’s mind.

The Judiciary has been rocked by several corruption allegations latest amongst them being the Afrobarometer report released by the Center for Democratic Development, which ranked the police, judges and magistrates, Members of Parliament, civil servants and tax officials among public officials perceived as most corrupt.

The Supreme Court justice admitted that indeed there were cases of corruption in the Judiciary and that actions are being taken against Judges caught in the act.

“I would not say there is no corruption in the Judiciary but it comes in many forms. If anybody lodges a complaint at the Chief Justice secretariat we invite the judge over to the secretariat for investigation,” he stated.

However, he said the stumbling block for such investigations was that those who come to lodge the complaints do not avail themselves for the proceedings.

“But, as Ghanaians as we are, people who lodge complaints don’t come.”

He also added that the perception that the Judiciary is corrupt is borne out of dissatisfaction with court rulings by some people.

“People who don’t get the justice they want sometimes think the judges have taken money.”

The nominee, however, allayed fears saying, “if justice emanates from the people, nobody can take it away from you because it is a constitutional provision.”