The National Insurance Commission (NIC) has directed all Insurance Companies to migrate to the Motor Insurance Database or risk having their license to provide motor insurance revoked.

Commissioner of Insurance, Justice Yaw Ofori, in an address to the media, explained that 27 insurance companies out of a total of 29 have fully migrated to the Motor Insurance Database.

“This is a regulated entity so that if a company is not ready to migrate then we are going to stop such company selling motor insurance and while we do so we will make the company aware about the sanction,” he revealed.

The decision to have a Motor Insurance Database has been etched on the scourge of fake motor insurance stickers across the country.

By this, insurance companies selling motor insurance will now have to look out for a QR Code that is scannable to check the authenticity of any such insurance.

Already, there are concerns from some stakeholders in the insurance industry over whether or not the database is also enhanced with data protection features.

Justice Yaw Ofori explains that “the motor insurance database will not share customer details with third parties. There are passwords that lock away confidential client’s information from third parties”.

He further argued the NIC, through the Motor Insurance Database will suppress the illegality of undercutting and pricing by some insurance firms.

“Undercutting is a burning issue and we are concerned. The law allows us to come out with a minimal payment. Because of competition, people were undercutting. It results in non-payment of claims. With this system when you underprice, you will not get vehicle insurance stickers,” he explained.

To deepen enforcement, the NIC has liaised with the Ghana Police Service and Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate (MTTD) for the distribution of some 5000 Gota homes nationwide to police officers. So far, 200 of such phones have been distributed on a pilot basis to all police officials who will be enforcing motor insurance laws on the streets.

Superintendent (SUP) Dr Samuel Sasu Mensah who is in charge of operations at the MTTD, told JoyBusiness an intensive training program has started for all police officer.

“Our men are on the ground for training ahead of this implementation. So far, 200 phones have been distributed for this exercise” he revealed.