The President, Nana Akufo-Addo has begun a four-day tour of the Greater Accra region with a prayer to God seeking the grace for another term in government.

“I am pleading to God for the grace granted me in 2016 that he may grace me again in 2020,” he said.

The President on his first day joined the Resurrection Power New Generation Church at Tuba in the Ingleshie Amamfrom constituency for worship, prayers and blessing.

According to Akufo-Addo, the prayers he received from the Resurrection Power Pastor made way for his victory four years ago, a reason for this year’s visit.

“Four years ago, I was here with a request to be prayed for to attain victory in the 2016 elections. The pastor helped me with prayers and God listened to his prayers and I gained a victory,” he noted.

“The same reason has brought me here today that as we approach December 7, for elections, I am pleading to God for the grace granted me in 2016 that he may grace me again in 2020,” he stated.

He said the pastor mentioned there is a prophet in Isreal (Resurrection Power New Generation Church)…, so I have come here this morning to plead of Pastor Boakye to talk to God for me”.

Addressing the congregants, the President said his works in education, health, Agric, security and general improvement in the life of Ghanaians should be enough justification for his re-election.

“All we have done in education, health, employment, farming are all the foundation of Ghana, and we are now going to build the country,” he said.

He noted there is a need for him as the President to tour the country to inspect the works he assigned, a reason for the regular tour of the country every year.

“I have been to 15 regions in Ghana, today begins that of the Greater Accra Region and I must come here for blessings from Pastor Boakye to enable a successful tour,” he said.

He pleaded to the members of the church to “Vote 4 More 4 Nana” and the parliamentary candidates.