Slamm Technologies has launched the Slamm1million campaign as part of efforts train 1million Ghanaians in IT.

CEO of the company, Samuel Boateng said the move is to impact the lives of many underprivileged Ghanaians by educating and training them in the Cyberspace at no cost.

“We understand that technology is changing the world so we want to make sure we foster and help with the changing of the world by giving the underprivileged the opportunity to learn IT from Slamm,” he said.

Slamm is a leading IT organisation based in Ghana and the United States. It has been changing the lives of many talented but underprivileged people by giving them the opportunity to study IT at no cost.

“We’re looking at tremendously impacting people that do not have the ability to educate themselves in this way so we can educate them: the young and the old, men and women alike.

“Not exempting anyone but to give everyone the standing and the knowledge in technology to impact in their world,” Mr Boateng added.

The training will come off in all 16 regions of the country.

Director of Operations for the company, Fransisca Boateng urged all and sundry to come on board to support the initiative.

“The 1 million campaign is all about educating 1 million persons in Cyberspace. We want to extend technology training to the underprivileged, to the poor, to people that cannot afford,” she said.