The Police in Northern Region are investigating a case of fraud involving 22-year-old, Joseph Agemga.

The suspect is alleged to have posed at different times, as the manager of the Bank of Ghana in Tamale, a national security operative, a military officer among others to receive sex from his victims in exchange for jobs.  

According to JoyNews’ Northern Regional correspondent, Martina Bugri, Mr Agemga was picked up by the military and handed over to the police.

Police report sighted by JoyNews revealed that the suspect had sexual intercourse with two siblings, a mother and her daughter, and other high-profile married women in the area.  

The suspect is said to have targeted middle-class working women including teachers, nurses, police officers, prison officers as well as businesswomen numbering about 16.

According to the report in some instances, he lured some of the ladies and had sex with them in an uncompleted building.

It further stated that for the 22-year-old to accomplish all these, he dressed executively so as to convince his victims that he was a high-profile person.

The police are also investigating a recruitment scam against Mr. Agemga.

He is accused of having taken GH¢12,700.00 from a nurse at the Tamale Teaching Hospital to recruit her into the Ghana Armed Forces.

The suspect allegedly took GH¢11,000.00 to recruit another person into the Ghana Armed Forces between 2018 and 2019.

A 34-year-old teacher allegedly paid GH¢650.00 to be recruited into the Ghana Immigration Service.

Mr Agemga is also accused of having taken GH¢21,0000.00 from a businesswoman under the pretext of marrying her and recruiting her child into the Ghana Ambulance Service.

According to the police, it has not received cooperation from the victims because of the embarrassing nature of the case.

The service is, therefore, appealing to the general public to volunteer information to help in its investigation.  

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