The Ghana Health Service in the Northern Region has received 24,960 vaccines of AstraZeneca to vaccinate eligible persons.

The Service has also received 9,240 doses of Moderna vaccines. The vaccines, which were received last Friday have been distributed to the various centres for the continuation of the vaccination exercise in the Region.

The Northern Region currently has 24 active cases with one in critical condition and currently on admission at the Tamale Teaching Hospital.

The Region also has a total case count of 1,755 since the first case was discovered with the break down as 569 in 2020 and 1,186 as at end of October.

The recoveries are 1,700 with 555 in 2020 and 1,145 in October 2021, while total death recorded stands at 31 with 14 deaths recorded in 2020 and 17 in 2021.

There have been total disregard for the Covid-19 protocols in the region since the beginning of the Covid-19 vaccination. Veronica buckets which were stationed at the various markets, institutions and schools are not seen any longer. Markings created to ensure social distancing between market women at the markets are now non-existent.

The strict adherence to the wearing of facemask which was implemented by several government departments and agencies has ceased.

Some residents who spoke to JoyNews said they haven’t taken the Covid-19 vaccines. They stated that they believe they are hundred percent protected and therefore do not need to wear the mask nor observe the protocols.

Commenting on the total disregard for the Covid-19 protocols, Deputy Director of Public Health Dr. Hilarious Abewu said unless the law enforcement agencies do what is required, not much can be attained.

He said even though they continue to educate the public on Covid-19, most people do not feel Covid-19 is still an issue currently.

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