NSIA Insurance Ghana on behalf of Groupe NSIA On the occasion of the African Union Day congratulated all who keep on with the march towards the realization of peace and unity on the African continent.

In recognition of the enormous resource of the youth and their ability to rapidly transform the fortunes of Africa for the better, the African Union celebrated the day on the theme “Harnessing the Demographic Dividend through Investments in Youth’’

NSIA Ghana in a statement Thursday said it shared in the theme of the celebration, as it sees the youth "as a vital as we chart our development cause on the African continent. The NSIA brand is proud of its pan-African roots and presence."

"With over 20 years of experience and presence in more than 12 countries across the continent, the strong pan-African nature of the NSIA brand is indeed a beneficiary and a testimony of efforts to ensure a unified continent," the statement said. 

To this end, the insurance company congratulated the continents gallant visionaries who pushed for the Sirte Declaration. 

"The NSIA brand in its pan-Africanism is poised to lead in the African insurance space and expect to see unprecedented growth in the economy by providing financial solutions on the African continent in the coming years. We commit to leadership and commit to development on the African continent," the statement said.

NSIA Insurance looks to exemplify the tenets and objectives of the NSIA brand and contribute their share of pan-Africanism within Ghana, helping businesses and individuals to achieve the objectives of the African Union, by delivering innovative and lifestyle insurance solutions that meet their needs.