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Online marketing hub Ghsell expands to meet increasing demand

If you are not familiar with online marketing in Ghana then you may never have heard of, yet it boasts of the largest and most reliable online shopping mall in Ghana.

With over 50,000 subscribers as of 2018 after its establishment 2 years ago clearly brings to bear the acceptance of by Ghanaians as the one-stop shop for the quality, affordable and reliable shopping needs.'s safe and convenient service allows consumers to buy and sell anything without hustle, attracting the attention of many Ghanaians wanting to do business.

“Initially wanted to do online marketing business in Ghana with the notion to just be a platform where people can sit in the comfort of their homes or offices and surf through the internet to make purchases of various kinds without critically looking at the delivery of purchased items on the site.

‘But along the line, we realized consumers were highly exposed to fraudsters so we decided to re-engineer with the consumers' safety at heart. We, therefore, made deliveries of items bought on our sight to consumers all over the country and that was our breakthrough,” said CEO of, Sir Laud Oduro. 

“Even though we are still in the earliest part of 2019, has recorded over 50,000 additional subscribers to the site who are either buying or selling all sort of items”. Due to this massive transformation, expansion to better serve consumers became a necessity,” he added.

Today, is super-fast, Safer and most convenient in its day to day activities. 

You can now sell or buy anything at any time on ranging from Technological Needs, Fashion, Food & Agriculture, Machinery, Real Estate, Cars etc. is bent on keeping its track record as the most credible online marketing platform.

Therefore, to ensure quality and safe delivery of items bought on by consumers, management of the site allows a 7 days money back guarantee to any used item purchased and 30 days money back guarantee for every brand new item purchased.

“We believe that the market has great potential and we are ready to invest money for it to reach its full potential. We are in to make a profit but we also believe it’s a gradual process so the more we expand as a business, our customer base also expands, we get more orders to achieve profit as our satisfied customers also generate profits,” said Mr Oduro.

With this customer-satisfaction mentality, one can clearly predict without a prophet’s eye that in the next few years will match boot for boot with the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba as it aims at penetrating into other big markets across Africa and the world at large.

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