Chief Executive of Ghana Enterprise Agency, Kosi Yankey-Ayeh has said that operational systems have been put in place and ready to create the 1 million jobs under government’s ‘YouStart’ initiative.

Speaking in an interview on the Business Edition of PM Express, she explained that President Akufo-Addo’s vision has led the country to the point of job creation.

“I think that the system has always been ready. I think government’s vision has driven us to this point and if you look at the President’s vision and where he wants to leave the country to and what he expects and wants from the youth, it has been work in progress,” she said.

She added that “you can see that even the transformation of the Ghana Enterprises Agency is one of the drivers and the factors leading to supporting a stronger youth entrepreneurship legal system.”

According to Madam Yankey-Ayeh, creating 1m jobs in 3 years is ambitious therefore government ought to be ambitious to achieve it.

“We have to be ambitious, we need to dream that it is possible and make it happen,” she reiterated.

She noted that ‘YouStart’ programme which is expected to create jobs as well as provide young entrepreneurs capital, training, technical skills to enable them operate on their own by creating their own businesses would be a nationwide programme

“Are we ready? Yes, we are. If you look at the setup of the Ghana Enterprise Agency, we have 190 district offices, we have 37 business resource centres, we are in every region in this nation. Now, why do I bring this up because this ‘YouStart’ programme is not going to focus on two regions or districts, it is a nationwide programme.

“It is a programme that would cut across, the same as the cart business support where it cut across various districts and regions,” she stressed.

He further stated that “to be able to implement a programme like that you need an engine an institution that has the reach like we do to be able to get to the ground and get the work done.”

This she stated was because “the job is going to be on the ground in terms of mobilising the youth, in terms of bringing them to the table to even have conversation … to build the programmes and interventions.”

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