Life360degrees: The One Secret to Success That You Don’t Know

Life360degrees: The One Secret to Success That You Don’t Know
Source: Iris Naa N. Akwetey | Kwabena Brakopowers
Date: 07-07-2016 Time: 12:07:54:am

We’ve all been bothered about becoming successful in life. We want to own the best cars, live in the best estates, get the best education, eat the best food, be at the best places on this earth, and be with the best people.

This is the best definition of success to the average man on the street. Nobody wants to be saddled with the hardship of life, which is a good thing.

However, what we’ve identified is that what many people call success is actually not what they want but rather a complete life.

This is the secret that has been hidden from the ordinary man for several decades. What man aspires for is not to be successful because on a daily basis we get to be successful. What man wants is rather a life360degrees.

The secret is that man wants life360degrees. He wants to live a complete life and that’s what life360degrees stands for. It represents the fullness of life replete with the essential ingredients.

The truth is that you cannot be successful without living a complete life. Success stands for 360 degrees. It means you have it all in your life.

A successful life means you have God, Health, Relationship, Love, Happiness, Money, Friends, Knowledge and Life itself in good shape.

If your life is short of them, you are not living; you are surviving because, without them, life is short of completion.

As you go about looking for what you want, don’t forget what you actually need are God, Health, Money, Relationship, Love, Happiness, and Knowledge. A well-balanced life has these ingredients in the right order.

Have you ever heard the refrain that our presence here is momentary? Just how did you treat it the first time you heard it?

A friend said he was afraid when he heard it. He said it appeared he’d achieved little since he got to the earth. What about you?

Contrary to claims, that refrain is not meant to drive fear into of you. It’s aimed at cocking you up to aim for the best in whatever you set out to do.

The truth is that we haven’t got more time here on this earth. We all have a destiny to fulfill and it’s about time we did the right thing to get the right results. In other words, we haven’t got all day to fool around with trivial stuff. Whatever we do, and how we do them must make the mark we envisage which is to live a complete life.

Don’t waste away by chasing the insignificant stuff. Let your life count by aiming for the completeness of life.

That complete life is what we call life360degrees, a life replete with all the essential ingredients of life. With this life, if anyone who lives it is miles away, you will smell it.

Its presence is heartwarming and motivating.

What’s a complete life for you?

How does a complete life look like?

And can you smell a complete life miles away?



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Iris Naa N. Akwetey (Author, Blogger, Brand Expert)

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