As Ghana prepares feverishly for the general elections in December, the common message out there is how Ghanaians could once again conduct this exercise in a responsible manner and even more peaceful than they have previously done.

At this time, civil society groups in the religious space and other peace advocates play a major role in ensuring peaceful elections hence the call by the Superintendent-General of the Apostolic Faith Church of Portland, Oregon, in the United State of America, Reverend Darrel Lee for Ghanaians to pray for a peaceful poll.

He also advised them to fervently pray for the country’s politicians to enable them to provide total leadership for Ghanaians.

The renowned American preacher made the call when he paid a two-day visit to the church’s local branch at Aplaku near Kokrobite in the Ga South Municipality of the Greater Accra Region, as part of his West African tour which also took him to Nigeria and Benin.

He was accompanied by District Superintendent for West and Central Africa, Rev. Bayor Adeniran, District Superintendent for Europe, Isaac Adigun as well as Director of Welfare, Rev. James Olaleyi. 

In his message, Rev. Lee catalogued the life of John the Baptist who he said, never compromised in the word of God as we see today.

He said John the Baptist was not populist and for that matter, the time people wanted to know who he was, he was rather teaching them to know much about Jesus Christ the Messiah.

He called on preachers to emulate the life of John the Baptist who, he noted, did not publicise his many good works.

Commenting on rising social vices and immoral activities in Africa despite the springing up of churches across communities on the continent, Rev Darrel Lee said: “I don’t know the kind of message these churches preach so I’m not going to cast doubts onto others…I’m not there [and] I have to appreciate the fact that we preach the word of God as we can and unite as a result.”

He added that: “The word of God says any man who accepts Jesus Christ is a new creature and old things pass away. Behold, all things become new, we teach the true word of God and I know the source information we give out is from the Bible and I cannot judge.”

“The source of information is the word of God so I try my best to align myself by the word of God and so do all of us in Apostolic Faith Church. My message is that people should repent for the kingdom of God is at hand, turn from your sins, turn towards God and confess and forsake your sins,” he added.