Some of the floods and fire victims at the Odawna near Kwame Nkrumah Circle  were once again hit by another flood, two weeks after the twin tragic incident.

Though there were no fatalities this time, most of them had their homes flooded with flood waters reaching the waist level.

Most of them lost relief items they had received from sympathizers.

They are therefore calling on government to disilt choked gutters and assist them to rebuild broken  walls around their houses to prevent further floods.

Watch photos belows.

A visit to the scene by revealed that people have gathered at the disaster scene to take a glimpse of the place where 152 people lost their lives.

After the incident the police cordoned the place to allow rescue teams to effectively carry on with their operations.

Posters of two people who lost their lives on June 3 have been posted in the community, attracting friends and residents.

Though the rescue operations at the disaster scene have ended, a powerful stench at the scene has caused some to conclude that there may be dead bodies buried in the rubble.

In an interview with Madam Comfort Ankrah, who is a victim of the disaster, she said government has neglected them because relief agencies come around to give them rice and cooking oil without attending to their peculiar needs.

She has asked government to put the drainage in the community into good shape to prevent them from further to exposure to floods.

A flooded porch in the community

Flooded room

A victim washes her cloth after her room got flooded

A heap of refuse which could trigger an epidemic

A woman doing a house cleaning

The cordoned disaster scene now opened

People having a look at the poster of the departed residents.

Some people have come from far away to see the disaster scene

One of the posters placed at the scene

A section of the residents who escaped the tragic incident are here to take invetory of their items