Photos of a woman being led by police to clean a stretch of the Kejetia road in Kumasi for littering have gone viral.

The lady allegedly threw out a sachet water bag on the street and the policeman stopped the car and forced her out to pick sachet water bags littering the entire area.

woman litter

woman litter 1

There is a renewed fight to keep the Ashanti Region capital clean.

Kumasi-based Luv FM has launched the ‘Make Kumasi Clean Again’ (#CLEANUPKUMASI) campaign to keep the city clean.

Congestion in the city has been blamed for neglect of sanitation laws.

Not too long ago, Luv FM journalist, Erastus Asare Donkor, caused a Chinese man to clean the streets for littering.

In the video that also went viral, Erastus Asare Donkor could be seen directing a Chinese national to pick up trash he threw inside a drain.