Police have arrested four armed robbery suspects involved in a robbery attack that resulted in the death of two people on May 27, 2022, at Asaman Tamfoe in the Eastern Region.

The Police in a statement released on August 4 stated that the arrest was made “through a sustained intelligence-led operation over a nine-week period.”

“Through ongoing painstaking investigations and intelligence, four of the gang members have been arrested so far,” portions of the Police statement read.

According to the Police “the robbers, numbering seven, attacked a gold buying company in the town, shot and killed the security man on duty and robbed the company of an unspecified amount of money. While attempting to escape, they also shot one other person who later died.”

Suspect Moro Saado was arrested on 3rd June, 2022 in Kumasi, suspect Aliu Ousmanu who shot the security man was arrested on 14th June at Akanten, near Asesewa in the Eastern Region, Elvis Kwaasie was arrested on 15th June at Asaman Tamfoe and Issaka Abdul alias Baba Liman was arrested at Sofoline, Kumasi on 2nd August.

The Police assured the public of its commitment to ensuring the suspects at large will be apprehended.

“We wish to assure the public that the remaining three members of the gang, can run and hide, but not forever, we will surely get them arrested to face justice.”