Prices of some Petroleum products have  gone up  this morning at the various service satiations. Petrol would now be sold at  2 cedis  73 pesewas per  liter representing a 7 percent increase from the old price.  

Kerosene has gone up by 0.38 percent and would be selling  at  2 cedi 36 pesewas. 

You would  now need 2 Ghana cedis 87 pesewas to get a  kilogram of  LGP.

Premix has also gone up by almost 5 percent  and is selling at 1 Ghana cedi 25 pesewas.  Diesel would  now be sold at 2 cedis 79 pesewas.

However Marine Gas Oil and Residual fuel did not see any adjustments. The increments are in line with National Petroleum Authority's  mandate of reviewing prices of petroleum products every two weeks.