Some private businesses have come together to launch the Ghana Private Sector COVID-19 Fund as part of efforts to financially assist government fight the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

Delivering the keynote address, Deputy Finance Minister, Charles Adu Boahene said the initiative by the private sector will be supported by government in any possible way to win the fight against coronavirus.

He noted that unlike government which goes through numerous processes to implement an initiative hence slowing things down, the private sector is able to work and deliver with speed.

And he believed that was the kind of assistance the government needs at such a crucial time to exponentially contain the virus in the country.

“So we really support this private sector initiative because it is crucial in the drive to supporting the fight against COVID-19,” he stated.

The Minister also called on the managers of the fund to coordinate and judiciously allocate the resources to meet the expectations of the donors adding that “we do not want to have a situation where there is so much of one thing and none of the other.”

Mr Adu Boahene further commended the private sector for taking up the initiative to support the government of Ghana in the dire moment.

Commenting on the impending partial lockdown, the Minister indicated that, the action was necessary since some citizens are unconcerned and flouting precautionary measures amidst the pandemic.

“I don’t think the alarm has settled in. I do not think it has really dawned on people how serious the situation is and can be. And the only way things can be better is to take some drastic measures now.”

Private businesses launch Ghana Private Sector COVID-19 Fund

Co-Chair of Board of Trustees, Edward Effah, on his part, promised donors of maximum transparency so that the money is accounted for and used according to the purpose it was set up for.

“We have appointed Stanlib Ghana Ltd as the Fund’s administrator, they will be responsible for administering the Fund. Fidelity Bank will serve as the Fund’s custodian and Ernst & Young as the Fund’s auditors.”

“All donations will be published on the website unless the donor requests anonymity all disbursement will also be published on the website so that there will be complete transparency.”

Acknowledging the 10 trustees, he commended them for supporting the course adding that “We are overwhelmed by the number of people who were ready to commit substantial resources to win the war COVID-19.”

The Private Sector COVID-19 Fund is to equip the Ghana Health Service and supply chain amenities to facilitate service delivery and also alleviate some financial burden on the government.

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