The lack of furniture continues to be a huge challenge confronting several schools in the Northern Region and the situation is more profound in schools in rural and hard-to-reach communities.

One of such schools is the Holy Trinity Primary School in Lungni in the Nanumba South District of the region.

Over the years, the pupils have had to sit on the bare floor to study, something they have accepted as a norm.

Speaking to JoyNews’ Martina Bugri, the pupils disclosed that even though they sit under such terrible conditions to study, they are determined to give their best in hopes that government will provide them furniture.

Moala Olivia, the Girls’ Prefect said the unavailability of furniture makes it difficult for teaching and learning. Especially, because of the dirty nature of the floor.

“Please we beg you, any person that can help us with furniture to sit and learn please help us,” she lamented.

The Boys’ prefect, Mukanjor Robert, said he is worried about the school building, which is in a deplorable state and any time it rains, they have to abandon classes.

Another student, Yajaki Mumme, said she travels a long distance on foot to the school and she’s compelled to sit on the bare floor during classes which could be demoralizing.

The Lungni community is about six kilometers from the District capital Wulensi. Even though electricity is available to the community, it still lacks other social amenities like good schools, This serves as a disincentive to most teachers posted there.

The Head Master of the School, Nkibey James Koyajah, noted that they sometimes feel they have been forgotten because of how things are deteriorating in the school.

He said because of the situation in the school, teachers who are posted there, do not take up the appointment.

Mr. Koyajah mentioned that several complaints to the Wulensi District Assembly have yielded no results and therefore appealed to benevolent organizations to come to their aid.

Assemblyman for the area, Simon Nwajah said having to study in structures that are near collapse, is disappointing .

“This is the kind of structures we teach the students in, sitting on the dirty floor in this modern world. Are we not part of Ghana?” he quizzed.

He lamented that the school had no teaching and learning aids, blackboards nor whiteboards.

The authorities of the school are therefore urging the government to pay attention to the current state of the school and provide its needs to make students comfortable in their environment.

“If care is not taken, many of the children may end up dropping out of school or transfer to other schools in the district,” he said

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