As you may be aware, the government has announced that it has suspended the implementation of the law banning the importation of salvaged vehicles.

The pure point of law that needs to be made so that the citizens are not confused or miseducated is that neither the President nor the Executive has the power to as it were unmake a law.

The power to unmake a law is either by repeal; that is done by the people’s representatives in parliament or a court has struck a portion of the law down.

Once a law is passed and is in effect or has an effective date, a mere announcement by anybody reversing or suspending same does not pass muster, the constitution does not allow that.

Yes, professors and academics who have iconoclastic views and are very genuine about this democracy and speak on governance like professor H. Kwesi Prempeh, you’ve heard professor Raymond Atuguba,  you’ve heard professor Kwaku Azar say that what our constitution gives us is an almost imperial president however there are laws that presidency is subjected to.

The president or the executive has no power to say that it has suspended a law.

 let’s not miseducate the citizens or confuse them, the law says i.e. the customs Amendment Act 2020 says that, the prohibition against the importation of savage motor vehicles into the country under paragraph B of subsection 1 of section 58 shall come into force six months after the date of the coming into force of this act.

Until this provision is amended or repealed the law is in effect from November 1, as we understand.

Samson Lardy Anyenini
September 26, 2020