Last year a number of 43,665 citizens of Ghana applied for a Schengen visa, thus marking a large increase of 37% compared to 2017, according to

Schengen is an area comprised of 26 European countries where citizens of member states travel visa-free in this area. Schengen is a major attraction for foreign visitors. During 2018 more than 14 million people from all around the world entered the Schengen area.

Schengen is also a popular traveling destination for many Ghanese citizens. Based on the latest official visa application statistics, a number of 43,665 citizens of Ghana applied for a Schengen visa. Compared to a year ago when there were 31,806 visa applications, a large increase of 37% is noted.

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Statistics further reveal that the Dutch embassy was positioned at the top of Schengen embassies which collected most visa applications. A total of 18,438 applicants were recorded at the Dutch embassy located in Accra.

Unfortunately, while the number of visa applications at this embassy was high so was the number of visa denials. Of the total applications, the Dutch embassy issued 10,722 visas and denied the remainder of 7,587. It meant that the percentage share of visa denials was high at 41.1%. In absolute numbers there was no other embassy where a higher number of visa denials was recorded, statistics read.

The majority of 86% of visa grants at the Dutch embassy was Multiple Entry Visas. By definition MEV visas are types of visas which enable their holders to enter Schengen area more than once in the period of time of 180 days following their approval.

Other Schengen embassies which also received a relatively high number of visa applications were Germany (6,406), Italy (5,806), Switzerland (3,575) and Spain (3,152).

On the other hand, France which is known as the most visited Schengen country regarding visa statistics sat at the bottom with 132 visa applications and 128 visa approvals.

The table below lists five Schengen embassies in Ghana which received most visa applications during 2018