Speaker of the ECOWAS Parliament, Dr Sidie Mohamed Tuni has charged member-states to adopt the use of Telecommunication Information Technology to fight against violent crimes and terrorism confronting Africa.

Dr. Tunis says ECOWAS is currently affected by terrorism, Humanitarian crises, violence and the current global pandemic sweeping across the world.

He says the growing phenomenon would require technology to battle such occurrences. 

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the delocalized meeting of a joint committee of ECOWAS currently underway at Winneba, the Speaker of the ECOWAS Parliament implored member states to use digitization and technology in the conduct of elections in Africa to reduce tensions that characterize elections in the sub-region.

Speaker of ECOWAS Parliament charges member-states to deploy ICT in fight against terrorism

He says the deliberations of the joint committee over the next few days would, ultimately, lead to some recommendations for the ECOWAS community.

Not only would recommendations be done but he says the ECOWAS region that is currently affected by violent extremism, terrorism, humanitarian crisis and global pandemics, members must consider the merits of the latest technological advancements, innovations and intelligence as viable tools to curb insecurity.

The Speaker of the ECOWAS Parliament further called on the member states to digitize their legal systems, since it is a development that has come to stay, adding, he has no doubt it would make life easier for the people.

He further adds that it stands to reason that peace can only prevail in a society that has justice and equity.

“It is pertinent to consider the conduct of elections which is the bedrock of democracy and good governance considering this digital age. Elections in the region continue to attract a lot of discussions because the community is yet to attain the stature of most advanced democracies where citizens express their rights through free and fair elections thereby making their voices heard and their choices respected,” he stated.

Speaker of ECOWAS Parliament charges member-states to deploy ICT in fight against terrorism

Speaker of Ghana’s Parliament, Alban Kingsford Sumana Bagbin, charged leaders of ECOWAS to help fight against the importation of small arms and also child trafficking. He says the conduct of elections in the sub region is breeding acrimonies and tension and something urgent ought to be done about it.

He says the violation of electoral processes in the conduct of elections has also been a major source of conflict leading to violence and tensions in some countries in the sub-region.

He added, it was sad to note that these tensions arising as a result of non-consensual constitutional reviews and other misunderstandings. “We need to find a way of addressing this, “he stated.

Deputy Majority Leader of Ghana’s Parliament who doubles as the Head of Ghana ECOWAS Parliament, Alexander Afenyo Markin, says a lot needs to be done to provide IT resources for children in Africa. He intimates: “It is the only way we can assure ourselves that our continent has a future and we could be able to break the shackles of poverty and illiteracy.

Over the next few days, Winneba would be hosting the ECOWAS parliament and the house is expected to deliberate on some of the challenges affecting the people of the sub-region.