Abena Korkor. Image: missabenakorkor/Instagram

Social media influencer, Nana Abena Korkor Addo, popularly known on social media as Abena Kokor, says, the way she handle her issues appears to be too loud. However, it’s part of her own way of ‘healing’ from being bipolar.

“I’m dealing with my issues. Unfortunately, the way I am dealing with them is very destructive, very loud, attention seeking is aggressive… That is how I am healing,” she told Da Don in an exclusive interview on U Sey Weytin on Hitz FM.

The Mental Health ambassador likened her healing process to that of the earth’s way of alleviating itself through natural disasters and conflict among humans.

“For instance, tsunamis and wars happen because the earth is trying to heal itself,” she claimed.

Interestingly, Abena Korkor also believes that, the recent pandemic, COVID-19, was the globe’s natural way of moving ‘world rule from the hands of masculine force to the feminine’.

“The universe has been controlled by the masculine energy for a very long time. So there’s a shift. That’s why there’s COVID and all these things.”

When asked by Da Don about her source of information, she said, “I read a lot”.

Abena reiterated that, her healing procedure might be hurtful to others, and it is something that people will not understand. Be that as it may, people’s reaction towards her healing process is not going to deter her from putting herself forward.

“I am healing and I am putting myself first. Those who would like to stay with me can stay. Those who want to go can leave. Life still goes on,” she pointed.