The Minister of Tourism, Babara Oteng-Gyasi, is urging the people of Cape Coast to return to their tradition and culture to save the Fante heritage.

Traditional food, dressing and some best traditional practices, she laments, have been abandoned by the people most of whom have embraced Western lifestyles.

Speaking at the launch of the 2019 Oguaa Fetu Afahye, the Tourism Minister called on the people to go back to their roots and help preserve their rich culture.

“Our local Fante dishes are what will make many foreigners go and come back to us. Let’s not abandon them for what is foreign,” she appealed.

Canvassing for traditions and livestyles that protected and sanitised the environment, Babara Oteng-Gyasi called for an attitudinal change to make the ancient city a much better place.

“We need to restore the heritage that made us who we are and made many people envious of us. We need to help our traditional authorities to instill that kind of practices to cleanse our environment,” she prayed.

Deputy Minister for Works and Housing and MP for Cape Coast North, Babara Asher Ayisi, prevailed on the people to cherish what they do.

She is convinced that is the only way the President’s vision of ‘Ghana Beyond aid’ would be realised.

“Our heritage and culture should be number one. Our traditions and culture should be superior to any other culture. If we continue craving for foreign materials ahead of ours, we can never realize our ‘Ghana beyond aid’ agenda,” she insisted.

The MP for Cape Coast North  also called on the people to respect their traditional authorities and partner them to develop Cape Coast.