Factory Manager, Abass Charara with staff of Twellium

Beverage giant, Twellium Industrial Company Limited has received certifications from the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).

This is to affirm its conformity to world-class standards of safe and premium quality.

Twellium Industrial Ghana got certified after passing more than twenty thousand standards to help increase productivity by minimizing errors, waste, and safeguarding consumers’ safety.

Presenting the certifications to Twellium, a representative from SGS Ghana, a Swiss multinational which provides inspection, verification, testing, and certification, Okai Mensah said Twellium has joined the table of companies credited with worldwide quality standards.

“The ISO and HACCP are an attestation that Twellium has an effective system in place and is committed to enhancing its systems and processes. 

As one of the few companies in Ghana to have achieved this height, it also reinforces their commitment to improved efficiencies in line with best standards,” he said.

The Acting Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), Roderick Daddey Adjei congratulated Twellium for the milestone and assured its backing through the journey. 

“The FDA will support you in maintaining quality standards,” he stated.

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for Twellium, Ali Ajami receiving the certifications noted that the achievement will go a long way in their production.

“Working hard to achieve the ISO and HACCP certifications is to boost our confidence to produce high-quality Made In Ghana products that are internationally accepted,” he indicated.

He urged consumers of the brand to patronise made in Ghana products in order to embrace domestication and support national policies aimed at protecting local industries.

Also, Twellium has unveiled a thousand meter-cube Effluent Treatment Plant to recycle sewage and water from Twellium to be returned to the environment in a good condition.

Mr Ajami also hinted that the waste treatment plant was set up to protect the health of staff and nearby residents.

“Aside from recycling wastewater for domestic use, the plant will be responsible for reducing pollution caused by industrial fumes, preventing land pollution by eliminating dumping and protecting the environment from hazardous chemical materials,” he said. 

The Paramount Chief of Kotoku, Nii Aklekwei III hailed the company for its efforts to protect the environment for inhabitants of the land. 

He thanked the company for looking inward, employing, and constantly training indigenes to pick up lead roles in the company. 

The Twellium Factory Manager, Abass Charara furthered that the class-leading Effluent Treatment System which has a capacity of One million liters per day is not the only environmentally friendly project the company had envisioned. 

“As a testament to the fact that we are committed to ensuring that we operate in an environmentally friendly way. Plans are also far advanced to incorporate at least 10% recycled material in our PET bottles, and that will make Twellium an eco-friendly company” he added. 

Ghanaian football legend and brand ambassador for Run Energy Drink, Asamoah Gyan who was elated to be associated with the Twellium brand motioned, it is an incredible honour to be a part of a brand that prioritizes its immediate stakeholders and environment over profits and urged customers of the brand to keep patronizing products of the company.

The Ghana Sports fraternity used the unveiling ceremony to appreciate the unmatched efforts of Twellium Industries to the sector. 

The President of the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC), Ben Nunoo Mensah indicated that Twellium has been of immersed support.

“I have been associated with this company from its inception till now and the amazing heights they’ve achieved in such a short while is visible. 

Twellium has been a blessing to the people of Kotoku and its environs”. 

He added that “the company has also blessed the young boys and girls doing sports in this country. If not for Twellium, the sporting careers of these young ones wouldn’t have progressed”. 

Twellium Industrial Company was incorporated in Ghana in September 2013, to kick start the production of 4 key franchised products. 

These include Rush Energy drink, Original American Cola, Planet Range, and Bubble Up lemon-lime. 

While the company specializes in the production of irresistible non-alcoholic beverages, it also prides itself in its flagship product, Verna Mineral Water, for its clean, tasty, and refreshing appeal, as confirmed by target market and consumers.