National President of UTAG, Prof Solomon Nunoo

The National Executives of the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) will meet today to take a final decision on their suspended action.

According to General Secretary of UTAG, Dr Asare Asante Annor, lectures are back in the classroom following the resolution of their impasse with government.

Speaking on JoyNews, Dr Annor assured that lecturers will not resume their strike.

“As it stands now, first and foremost, we have been able to resolve the differences we have with the employer. So we will be returning to the classrooms as we did on Monday. We have already been teaching.

“When you meet at the negotiation table, there are a lot of things that come to play. As a result of these things in totality, we have been able to have some sort of resolution to the impasse. The university lecturer is going back to the classroom to teach, and our students are also going to be able to go for lectures,” he said.

Meanwhile, there appears to be confusion among the leadership of the University teachers association over the status of their strike over poor conditions of service.

Following a court order and interventions by some Ghanaians, the National Executives suspended the strike action for 10 days, but the 15 public universities voted against the suspension.

But over the weekend, the General Secretary of UTAG, Dr Asare Asante Annor, says the body reached an agreement with the government over its almost two-month strike after successful deliberations.

“On Wednesday and Thursday, we had a long meeting with the employer. Today we had to meet at the various right levels, and yesterday also the NEC of UTAG met and what we can say for now is that we have resolved our situation that we find ourselves in with the employer, so as we speak now, we’ve been able to settle our differences, and we’ve moved on.

“So we want to take the opportunity to thank the general UTAG members for their support, and we also hope that the intervention also from the President speaking that there is going to be a lasting solution to the problem of the University Teacher as the President has spoken, he is also going to follow through.

“All we can say is that now we have been able to resolve some of the issues that we have and we are already teaching, … we are back to the classroom, and the student is also back,” he said.

But the National President of UTAG, Professor Solomon Nunoo, says there was no such meeting insisting the association is yet to meet to take the final decision on the strike.

“Friday, there was no meeting. I have heard in the media that there was a meeting between UTAG and government on Friday, but there was no meeting with government,” he said.

He noted that the meeting would instead be held today, adding that “we are in the classroom; if anything will change, it will depend on the meeting.”