The University of Ghana President for UTAG, Dr Samuel Nkumba has called for a complete withdrawal of the Public Universities Bill despite the suspension of the Bill by Parliament on Thursday, October, 22.

According to Dr Samuel Nkumba, the Bill seeks to deprive tertiary institutions of freedom and autonomy and as such requested for the Bill to be re-written or dissolved.

After public outcry on the controversial Public Universities Bill, Parliament on October 22 suspended any consideration of the Bill.

Information from the Akatsi North MP, indicates that the Education Committee of Parliament recommended that government pulls a brake on the passage of the bill to allow further consultation.

Speaking to JoyNews’ Evans Mensah on News Night, he noted that the suspended bill is unconstitutional and unnecessary.

“We are of a candid opinion that the Bill in its state isn’t something that is necessary neither is it something that is to the benefit of tertiary education.

“Our view has been that the Bill be dropped and two issues raised are, the Bill is not necessary and unconstitutional,” he stated.

According to Dr Nkumba the Bill was in contravention of the 1992 Constitution, particularly, the academic freedom of the universities and could not be accepted as stakeholders were not included in the drafting of the bill.

“Even if it is a bill that has to pass, all stakeholders might have expressed varying opinions must be brought on board for a draft that reflects the needs of all,” he stated.

He further challenged the purpose of the Bill, stating that the existing regulatory bodies are equipped to harmonize the operations and systems in the universities, as such a new bill is not needed.

“If it is about harmonisation of standards in relation to the governance structure and operations within the university systems, then, of course, the regulatory bodies could do that.

“We do not need a new bill to do all of these.”