Some actors have called on the government to put proper structures in place for the movie industry.

Speaking to Becky on E with Becks on Joy Prime, Prince David Osei, Aaron Adatsi and Nikki Samonas said the movie industry needs more support to be able to work effectively and efficiently.

“If the right structures are in place, the industry will attract investors which will keep it strong,” Prince David Osei stated.

Aaron Adatsi revealed even with the absence of funding and support in the film industry, there are people making efforts to let the industry succeed but there are others who try pulling them down.

“There is no unity and love. If the unity exists, we would have been able to pull resources together help the industry grow,” he added.

Prince David Osei also complained that the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture have not done a good job to oversee the creative industry succeed.

The actor in 2018 also accused the government of not making any significant impact on the creative industry after the 2016 campaign promises.

However, the Minister for Finance Ken Ofori Atta in his 2019 budget stated, the government in 2019, will pursue the passing of a Legislative Instrument to establish a Secretariat for the National Film Authority and also facilitate the construction of an ultra-modern film production studio to attract the international film community.

According to the Finance Minister, the film production studio is expected to attract the international film community. He further disclosed that the government has acquired 200 acres of land to support a village for the creative arts.

Also, during the state of the nation’s address, in February 2019. President Nana Akufo Addo revealed two theatres in the Ashanti and Eastern Regions, are near completion.

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Prince David Osei, Aaron Adatsi and Nikki Samonas called on investors to invest more into the film industry and support people in the creative arts sector.

They stated many people may have lost interest in the movie industry but there are people who are working day and night to keep the industry afloat.