One in five Ghanaian children between two and 17 years suffer from a form of disability.

The 17-year-old Herman Odoi Okpoti Ashong is one of them. He has cerebral palsy. It means he endures movement disorders and poor coordination of stiff or weak muscles.

Practically, he can neither speak nor walk normally. 

But don’t tell him that. He won’t believe it. He does everything. Joining the church band, rubbing shoulders with those who do not look like him in class at the Justice Nii Armah Ollenu Memorial Basic School. 

Herman is, generally, an out-of-his-shell person who can be the life of a party.

Ask his teacher Caleb Okine. “He likes to take part in everything that goes on in class,” he says.

And in the La Nativity Presby Church in Accra where he is an active member of the Junior Youth Wing, all eyes were on Herman as he stood before the congregation to read the day’s bible verses.

An exercise not for the fainted hearted Christians. But you haven’t met Herman.