The Wassa-East District Assembly has outlined prudent measures aimed at preventing the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in the District.

The Assembly has therefore intensified its campaign on public education through the formation of specific committees.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency, the District Chief Executive (DCE), Mr Wilson Arthur, said in line with the national plan, the Wassa-East Public Health Response Committee was inaugurated early last month.

He said frontline health staff were sensitized about the virus and how to manage suspects with the provision of basic resources.

Three mass education teams were set up and resourced to move into communities with powered speakers and Covid-19 education jingles on 80 pen drives, for community information centers’ use which lasted for 12 days, he added.

According to Mr. Arthur, the Assembly also supplied markets and selected lorry parks and health centers with 40 Veronica buckets, liquid soap and hand Sanitizers.

Mr. Arthur said quarantine centers have been prepared across the District.

The DCE lauded the efforts of Golden Star Resources (GSR) and Access Water for supporting the District with resources to expand capacity to manage the pandemic.

He said Access Water was putting in 100 water system in all 92 communities and would supply liquid soap and accessories for a month.

In response to the influx of citizens escaping Accra and Kumasi lockdown, the DCE said community data collectors and screening team were formed and commissioned.

Taking cognizance of the short gap of supplies, the DCE donated 75 Veronica buckets and accessories, in addition to hand sanitizers for distribution in all three zones of the District.

Mr. Arthur said selected markets such as Daboase, Ateiku, Senchem, Atobiase, Akyempim, Subri, Appeasuman, Ebukrom among others and lorry parks have all been disinfected.

Mr. Arthur maintained that mass education on Covid-19 social distancing, use of face masks among others, would be sustained and monitoring and provision of support items would continue to engage the attention of the Assembly.


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