Kweku Baako

The Editor-in-chief of the New Crusading Guide newspaper has called on government and relevant stakeholders to build communities and homes that cater to the aged in all parts of the country.

Abdul Malik Kweku Baako said the lynching of Akua Denteh, 90, who was accused of being a witch is unacceptable, hence the perpetrators must be brought to book.

He also noted on Joy FM’s NewsFile Saturday, that no government since Ghana’s independence has given enough attention to the issue, the reason for its existence.

“We should be looking at a situation where we eliminate the existence of witch camps. If they are old people and disabled and cannot certain things by themselves, there are homes that should cater for them.

“If you go outside, there are homes for the aged and they are well catered for. So the fact that the person is old and alone doesn’t mean the person must be accused a witch.”

He added, “We should be able to build a well-structured society that can accommodate these people and take care of them.”

Touching on how such social canker can be eradicated, Mr Baako said it goes beyond litigation and punishment to deter others.

For him, such superstitious beliefs and actions are deeply entrenched in the people through socialisation, therefore, it will take time and space to get rid of them.

“It is a combination of poverty, ignorance and superstition all put together. And these are not things that you can easily do away with because it shows the level of our development as a society and we have to take it seriously,” he stated

Mr Baako was, however, delighted that the police have made some arrest and still investigating to bring all culprits to the court of law.